During one of my recent fasts, I questioned why so many Christians are weak and powerless. Before you find offense, could you hear me out? We have power and spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus, yet we are not using any of it.

Instead, we chose to live stressed out, weak, powerless, peaceless, poor in spirit, and broken in the soul.

Imagine how Jesus must feel when He looks at us living this way. It’s so sad when I witness so many professing Christians trampled over by the enemy. We need equipping to fight in a spiritual battle. We operate in warfare defensively and not offensively. Read more

A life transformation and soul cure (healing) come about when your mind changes. Joyce Meyer said, the mind is the battlefield, but I cry the soul is the battlefield because its playground is grander than just the mind. Since the soul consists of the mind, will, and emotions—it must be renewed.

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Plan a Date with Jesus and Coffee

In this post, I share how to supercharge your spiritual life by planning a coffee date table session with God. Are you intentional about your alone time with God enough to schedule regular dates with Him? If your answer is no, it’s time that you change that. The enemy enjoys when you don’t spend time praying, studying, and learning the Word of God. 

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