5 Productivity Hacks to Maximize Your Time-COVID-19


In this devotional, I want to share 5 productivity hacks to maximize your time during this COVID shutdown. I’d like to offer my sincerest prayers for healing for those affected with the coronavirus—my deepest sympathy for those who lost loved ones all around the globe due to this crisis.

COVID-19 has most of us straight up on lockdown in the house all day. If you don’t have your home in order (meaning your life right with God), this is the time to start or rededicate to the process. See the difference in thinking; the dividing line is this:

  • Some see this pandemic as a crisis and direct message from God to put our individual and national focus on Him. It’s a call to repent and surrender to His will. It’s a time to grow deeper in relationship with Him to prepare for the days ahead.
  • The other side sees this as a vacation and a time for fun. Office employees are excited to work at home. They also see it as a time to catch up on their favorite shows and movies.

There is nothing wrong with us having moments of pleasure, but this time is serious business to God. Our relationship with Him and its growth is critical.  It’s in Him we live, move, and have our being (Acts 17:28). We can’t do anything apart from Him.

2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV, If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

This pandemic is a time to turn from wickedness that displeases God, pray for others, and our nation. God is sovereign, and He’s in total control.

Nevertheless, let us submit to that control. Since we’ll be at home for extended periods, it’s vital not to lose sight of our kingdom assignment. I’ll admit, the last few days had me pretty distracted, and I know my mission.

The pandemic has thrown me off. My days are running together, and I feel lazy and undisciplined. That’s why I wanted to share these productivity hacks that helped me refocus.

1.  Clean Your Home/Work Environment

Yes, you read that correctly. A clean environment allows you to think, find things quicker, experience more peace, and maximize productivity. You’ll also have a clear vision of what’s going on in your home and personal space. Pick up after yourself daily. If your kids need to clean, have them to do their part as well.

Keep your common areas disinfected as frequently as possible. Vacuum, load the dishwasher, wash your clothes, organize your receipts, clean out your pantry, etc.

Disinfect your vehicle as well. Spray it with Lysol and wipe down the handles, armrests, controls, and steering wheel.

If your spouse still has to work, make sure the environment is pleasant and relaxing for them when they come home.


2.  Set Aside Study & Prayer Time

A bible reading plan will keep you focused on the right things. Make intentional time for the Lord. The Word of God will keep you on track. The Word is spiritual food and living water. The nutrition found in it will help you navigate this trying time.

Spiritual growth goes for both you and the kids. Once the kids finish their schoolwork, get them on a bible reading plan over the next couple of weeks. Kids of a certain age can read the bible too. Additionally, you all can read it together as a family and have devotion. Reading time can be as little as 15 mins, and as long as the Holy Spirit leads.

If you spend time alone reading, decide what book you want to read/study from the bible. Set aside that time daily and do everything possible to stick to it.

Pray before you start reading and close out your study with prayer. Praying will both open your soul to the teaching of the Spirit and protect what you just read and discussed. Prayer time is not only limited to when you read.

3.  Create A Schedule

Use Google calendar, a printed one, or a sheet of paper to plan out your day the day/night before. It’s important to write down things you want to address or need to accomplish. Don’t just write it down in list form—time block your tasks. Know what time you need to do these things and prioritize them. There is nothing like finding out you missed something important because you didn’t write it down. Schedule your work, workout, school, cleaning, and study time.

If your spouse still must work, offer to help them with a task/project if applicable.




4.  Plan Your Meals

The grocery store items have been scarce. Many things you may be used to buying may not be in stock at given times. Therefore, before taking a trip to the store, make sure you go with a few different meal options on your list.

If you don’t, you’ll get incredibly frustrated. When I went, I noticed pasta, pasta, sauce, meat, milk, bread, and many canned goods wholly wiped out.

Additionally, lots of produce was gone too. My suggestion is that you’ll need to go to the store frequently to catch stock on certain items until they can fully replenish them.



5.  Get Rest and Sleep

It may be easy to sit up and watch TV/Movies late, but try not to throw off your schedule too much. Your rest is essential to your physical body and your spiritual alertness. We are to be sober and vigilant so that we can allow the Holy Spirit to show us new things.

I received a few nasty comments over the weekend about the two videos I published, being that I was alert and aware of the tactics, I just ignored them and moved forward. People out here are looking for a fight; I see that with my spiritual eyes. Therefore, get your rest and be alert.

Soul Actions:

Repent and turn back to God, seek Him and use your time wisely.

Remember God is in total control, incline your spiritual eyes and ears to gain wisdom.

Bless, pray for, and encourage others who are in need.

Thank you for reading, if this devotional has blessed you be sure to share it with two friends and leave us a comment with which hack stood out to you most.

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