7 Benefits of Living for the Lord


VIDEO – In this video I share 7 Benefits of Living for the Lord. Life on Jesus’ terms isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding to work in concert with the King of Kings. When you live for the Lord it frees your mind, helps you to think clear, provides peace and more. When you finally reach a point where you can let go and surrender to the will of God, it’s a beautiful feeling.

He designed you for a specific purpose and unfortunately you won’t discover it fully until you understand His will. You won’t understand His will if you are not close enough to hear Him.

There is a freedom that comes with knowing that you are not alone and a comfort in knowing that you are loved beyond what you could ever imagine.

I hope that these benefits help you see how much you need intimacy with God. Without Him we can accomplish nothing, but with Him the possibilities are endless.

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