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Submission 101 – Navigating the Single Life

Submission 101 is one of the topics that make many women frown. When you speak to a woman about submission, it’s like you put soured milk under her nose to smell. But as a Christian, it’s a lifestyle you want to familiarize yourself with, especially while Navigating the Single Life. God wants all His children […]

Are You Saved

Are you saved, or will God’s judgment lead you into the gates of hell for eternity? I am calling on all who identify as saved and profess Christ. HELL is an actual destination where the worm never dies, and there will never be a new opportunity to repent and make it right with Christ if […]

Preparing for Courtship

You can begin preparing for courtship today. When you desire something as sincere as marriage, you don’t have to wait until you meet the mate you’re preparing to meet. Prepare for the blessing right where you are. You can utilize biblical wisdom, principles, and application to get started. I’ll provide some simple helpful tips to […]

Decision-Making and Financial Health – Navigating the Single Life

Poor decision-making and financial health are significant issues that lead to divorce, and I want to cover them here. Many biblical principles highlight decision-making and financial health. An article in Psychology Today—How Many Decisions do we Make Each Day says, “In fact, some sources suggest that the average person makes an eye-popping 35,000 choices per day. Assuming […]

Waiting on God -Navigating the Single Life

Waiting on God can feel like it’s taking forever as you wait to meet the right person. The waiting process is all about what you make it as you navigate your single life. When you desire marriage, patiently waiting requires skill and understanding. Trust me, I know. The hope to be loved and accepted by […]

Did the gift of salvation cost anything?

Salvation is a gift, but it costs something. God gave us the gift of eternal life by believing in our hearts and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord with our mouths for salvation (Romans 10:9-10). When you got reborn, the day you confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and believed in your heart that God raised Him […]