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Set Goals According to the Bible

Learn how to set goals according to the Bible. According to the Bible, setting goals shows God that we trust Him and are willing to work hard, obey and glorify Him for His name’s sake. We can better direct our lives towards His will by setting goals to maximize our time. Here are some tips […]

Your Goals Will Fail If

Your goals will fail if you do the five things I include in this post. No matter how well you plan or how determined you are, your goals will fail if you do any of these things. Dreaming Big and setting goals is hard enough, but ensuring they don’t fail is even harder.  Here are […]

5 Biblical Principles for Success

Biblical principles for success are a must for you to prioritize in your life, productivity, and business. In this post, I share the 5 biblical principles for success and proven steps for achieving goals as a Christian in life and business. God gives us principles to live by to obey Him, leading to His best […]

Goals vs. Systems

A system is a must when striving towards reaching your goals. You’ve probably heard many people talk about goal setting, but you may not know that having goals without systems is like shooting in the dark. Setting goals is a great start, but without a system, the chances of achieving those goals are slim to none.