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Cindy Trimm Said What? Manifesting Power

Cindy Trimm is highly accomplished in life as a leader and businesswoman. She’s also known for her powerful atomic prayers and electric teaching messages in Christianity circles. Cindy Trimm also has a school of ministry. Nonetheless, can her Biblical doctrine be trusted, and is it sound?

Lauren London’s Relationship With God

Lauren London sat down with Angie Martinez some months back to discuss her relationship with God and life after Nipsey Hustle. Since I’m a Christian with a relationship with God, I found Lauren London’s interview eye-opening as Lauren mentioned God several times throughout the conversation. I wasn’t clear on what god she’s referring to, but […]

Christian Mary J. Blige’s Disturbing Statement

Born-again Christian Mary J. Blige recently made some very disturbing statements that went way too far. Mary J. Blige recently set down with journalist Angie Martinez on the Angie Martinez show. Mary J. Blige often uses “God” in her talks and songs; she’s done so over the years. If you listened to her for any […]


Give Everything You Have by Faith

Give everything you have by faith; what does that mean to you? Last week I did a live stream about the poor widow who gave her everything by faith. To give everything you have by faith is much different than believing in yourself, so before you get into your goal-setting process, please make sure you […]


Distraction is the Enemy of Productivity

Distraction is the enemy of productivity. Since distraction is the enemy of productivity, targeted prayer, discipline, focus, and persistence in your goals help you win. You cannot stay in your lane when you’re easily distracted. But God provides an avenue to escape the distractions tempting you into a lack of productivity. If you’re constantly scrolling […]


Proper Alignment

Proper alignment with God’s will is critical. Not only does improper alignment throw you and your plans out of whack, but it also affects others who depend on you. As we go deeper into the productivity and alignment series, we must look at what both are. Productivity and alignment keep us in step with the […]