Coronavirus Recession – Economic Impact, Food Lines, Unemployment, More Stimulus

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VIDEO – The Economic impact and coronavirus recession is a documentary style video. Food lines, unemployment, stimulus checks, bail outs, and wasted food from farms are making a huge impact on the world we once knew. This video is from a short playlist/series that I’m creating on the impact of the virus, vaccines, economic conditions, and what Christian’s and those that have not put their faith in Jesus Christ can do.

Do you think the economy can fully recover or are we in a recession that is leading to a depression?

It’s wise for us to seek God and put our trust in Him to guide us through these times as this virus has indeed changed the way we operate, connect with others, and deal with this new agenda.

How are we to cope, what are we to do? We are not to shrink back and lose hope. God is in control. God is sovereign. Fear is not to have a hold on us.

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