The Kanye West Sunday Service movement is taking off like wild fire and I wanted to take a look at this from another angle. I cannot determine if Kanye is saved but I pray that he is. I just don’t want people to blindly follow him without seeing his fruit. He has said a lot of arrogant things in the past, I hope that he is getting more humble.

EX Ministries dropped a video on Kanye West some months ago G. Craige Lewis teaches about the Church and Kanye West and also very recently The Kanye West Deception Your Questions Answered, you should check them out for a more in depth commentary from a biblical perspective. However, it was Allen Parr’s commentary on the video Kanye West Sunday Service, Is He Converting to Christianity that got me fired up. I agreed with him on some things, but I felt it was best to tell believers not to follow this movement. This disagreement gave me the drive to move forward to create this video because Kanye is out of order.

Additionally, I’m seeing Christian influencers push and promote this movement to their followers on social media without warning the flock and telling them to be sober and vigilant.

I am aware that some won’t agree with me, and that’s okay as well. Thanks for watching, share this video with a friend, and subscribe to our mailing list for more updates!

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  1. Rene
    Rene says:

    so none of us can say whether Kanye is saved or not, but we can inspect his fruits. I haven’t really been watching every event he’s done since his conversion, but from what I have seen, it was a great coming together of young people singing and worshipping our mighty creator. I do agree with being sober and vigilant though, because it was not too long ago Kanye was in the white house meeting with our president. I wonder what went on in that meeting?

    • LaTanya Quinn
      LaTanya Quinn says:

      Hi Rene, thank you so much for watching and sharing. My main thing is just the fruit. Nothing is wrong with making music and singing to the Lord. Just hope it’s not a short term thing. Personally, biblically, and conservatively speaking I see nothing wrong at all with him meeting with President Trump. I appreciate your views :-).


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