Kanye West – My View Since He Got Saved

WATCH VIDEO – Kanye West is now saved and I share my commentary since his transformation and album release of Jesus is King. I wanted to follow up on the initial video that I created entitled Is Kanye West Saved and Called to Minister. However, the ministry wasn’t on a production schedule at the time and I didn’t want to keep releasing random videos that didn’t reflect our overall branding.

I listened to Kanye give his testimony and it sounds good. It wasn’t hard to see that he understands the gospel, but during parts of the interviews of his that I got to watch, I noticed a few things that were a bit interesting.

I am thankful for Kanye seeking this path of Jesus, and my prayer is that he will continue on the path 100% for Jesus this time. Kanye West and his support of Donald Trump is not a red flag to me. Pastor Jamal Bryant thinks differently. Since my recording of this video I noticed Jonathan Evans post a photo on his Instagram saying he did a conference with Kanye West and a lot of teens accepted Christ at that time. If Kanye West is moving forward along this path to point people to Jesus, I would like to see him doing more studying as well to get his foundation solid.

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