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Proper alignment with God’s will is critical. Not only does improper alignment throw you and your plans out of whack, but it also affects others who depend on you. As we go deeper into the productivity and alignment series, we must look at what both are.

Productivity and alignment keep us in step with the things of God and lead to a joyful existence regardless of what season we’re in. Often we think we’re aligned on the right track because we are prospering in that area financially.

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Stay in your lane; what does it mean? If you’re a driver, I’m sure you’ve had to yell countless times, “stay in your lane,” to drivers drifting over the lines into your lane. I must ask you to stay in your lane because too many Christians get caught up in the attention-craving of likes and views. We are programmed to look at the numbers, which causes us to take our eyes off what God wants us to focus on individually. Statistics and numbers are smack dab in our faces on social platforms, YouTube, and email marketing accounts.

It’s easy to desire someone else’s purpose, gifts, and talents—but what does God require from you? If we can’t concentrate on what we are supposed to do, we won’t finish the race with excellence.

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Plan a Date with Jesus and Coffee

In this post, I share how to supercharge your spiritual life by planning a coffee date table session with God. Are you intentional about your alone time with God enough to schedule regular dates with Him? If your answer is no, it’s time that you change that. The enemy enjoys when you don’t spend time praying, studying, and learning the Word of God. 

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