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All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Proverbs 14:23 niv

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Attention all Christian visionaries, creatives, goal-getters, dreamers, and aspiring ministry and business owners:

  • Did your last dream die?
  • Did you have to close down a business you believed God called you to create?
  • Do you find yourself constantly overwhelmed and lacking priorities to get things done?
  • Are you seeking to use spiritual disciplines and Biblical principles to help you achieve those goals?


If you have tried your hand at business before, but lacked the success you believe God wants you to have, then the the Dream Big Goal-Setting Guide is perfect for you!

Please don’t give up on your dreams because God still has a plan to use what you viewed as loss for His glory.

You can start another business the right way. The Dream Big Goal-Setting Guide is a practical tool you’ll need to get you to focus successfully.

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What you'll focus on


Unlock the power of success with 8 faith-filled spiritual disciplines!


Ignite Biblical principles and build a foundation for living out your purpose.


Create a roadmap for progress with the goal-setting worksheet.


Make epic strides by walking confidently by faith and clarifying your vision.


Take action with getting your business established with the business start-up checklist.


When you know why you're doing what you do, you can advance beyond your fears.

You can be successful

Hey Soulful,

For 25+ years, I have been a goal-setter and one who lives by faith.

Yes, I’ve experienced successes and failures on my journey.

But after understanding God’s plan and how He wants to use all of these wins and losses for His glory and to serve those I’m assigned to, I discovered my life purpose.

Throughout this time of highs and lows, I learned that patience and consistency are essential when striving for Christian success!

As God created us for success in our endeavors, we must prioritize His goals above all else.

Now armed with all these tools and wisdom from life’s lessons learned, I want to help you avoid any unnecessary struggles by sharing insights gained through experience so you, too, can achieve prosperity guided by Christ’s love and purpose for your life.

To save you from experiencing similar tribulations due to impatience, however, know that true victory lies in faithfulness towards Christ:

God has something special in store for all of us, and it’s up to us to reach His desired destination.

It may not seem easy, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can take intentional steps toward achieving our goals – even if they don’t always feel like things that come naturally!

Thanks be to God, who gave me truth via His Word: He desires nothing more than my success, so I must strive to be exactly what He intended when creating me.

Christian Goal Setting
Christian Goal Setting Productivity

I’m no exception! He has called you to do marvelous works. Do you believe this? 

There is an assignment waiting for you to fulfill right now and you can do it if you place your trust in Him and make a plan to utilize your time wisely. Don’t you want to live a fulfilling life and be successful in God’s eyes?

Then let’s get moving. Download the guide today and get on track to achieving your dreams!

LaTanya R. Quinn - The Soul Coach