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Cure 4 The Soul

Attention Christian entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, visionaries, leaders, big dreamers, and goal-getters! Welcome to Cure 4 the Soul, a soul-transforming business in Frisco, TX. Here, we prioritize the ultimate soul cure—Jesus Christ as the author and finisher of our faith, dreams, and visions. Using Biblical Principles, resources, soul work, goal setting, and planning, we will help guide and empower you to start, re-start, or grow your business, ministry, or big idea. Let God unleash your true potential and achieve extraordinary results through His power!

Our mission is to assist and empower 10k believers called to business and leadership with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to thrive spiritually and practically in their personal and professional lives holistically. We want to help you get unstuck, become more profitable, and accelerate to fulfill your God-given vision and mission with faith-driven action on purpose, all for the glory of God. Join us, and let’s make a difference in the marketplace together.

The Focus

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Soul-Transforming Teachings for Life and Business


Our Why

Why We Serve You

We’re passionate about helping and seeing you live the life God destined you to live and thrive in and enjoy your your work for the rest of your days.

We Believe The Holy Bible is the inspired infallible Word of God. Salvation is by God’s grace alone through faith, belief, confessing, and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. We are saved by grace and not by works. There is a literal Heaven and Hell and Jesus is coming back again.

2 TIM 3:16, EPH 2:8-9, JOHN 3:16​

LaTanya started Cure 4 the Soul, Inc. in 2023 after God told her to leave the best job she ever had in March of 2022. She had no idea what God would have her to do. What she discovered is God is concerned with our sanctification before we run a successful enterprise. Our character, obedience, and how we apply His teachings to our lives are how we experience more of His promises. He later gave her the green light to go back into business, this time on a purpose-driven mission to serve believers in areas she’s overcome in life and business. Therefore, we serve believers called to the marketplace to discover and clarify their purpose in their God-given call.

It’s vital for Christians to build their businesses on God’s solid rock and Biblical principles for success. Knowing your God-given purpose eliminates all other options that don’t align with your identity and leads to commitment, consistency, and focus.

A great idea isn’t enough—your SOUL must be correct to lead and serve others. 

This is a faith-based, God-honoring 1st company. Matthew 6:33 NIV says, But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Faith, Character, Integrity, Treating Others with Love and Respect, and Obeying God are foundational.

Dream Big Goals is a Cure 4 the Soul program. It’s the destination for Christian visionaries who want to get unstuck and start fresh after a prior business loss or need assistance getting on track overall in their existing venture. 

The Who Behind the Vision

Our Founder

LaTanya Renee Quinn, a native of Detroit, MI, currently residing in Dallas, TX, is an inspiring writer, artist, and businesswoman known as The Soul Coach. She accepted Christ at a young age and discovered her gift for speaking and ministering by delivering two impactful Women’s Day Sermons at her home church, Bible Community Baptist.

Although initially, LaTanya ran away from her calling due to fear, she eventually surrendered her will to Christ, leading her into ministry at the age of thirty-five.

Growing up in a Christian household, her parents, George and Lynette, played a significant role in instilling the importance of the Word in her life. LaTanya witnessed her father, an ordained minister, deliver inspiring sermons every second Sunday at the church.

LaTanya’s passion for the Lord, business, and creativity has been evident since her youth. From working as a nail technician/artist at the age of 18 to launching Atlanta-based Industry Status Magazine at 26, she has always pursued her passions. In 2011, she started CureforBareWalls.com as a professional artist and painter and founded LaTanya Quinn Ministries (Atlanta, GA) from 2012-2014.

Today, she is driven by her passion to help Believers break free from stagnation and live purpose-driven lives according to Biblical principles, enabling them to run thriving ventures.

LaTanya finds fulfillment in reading, researching, enjoying nature, engaging in deep conversations, and appreciating the beauty of artistic expression through classical music, painting, jazz, dance, and various instruments. She’s passionate about fighting for the voiceless, defending the unborn, living by strong moral principles, and fearlessly standing up for her faith.