The law of attraction and manifesting is prevalent among Christians. The law of attraction crept into the modern churches and Christian media outlets decades ago, and many babes and seasoned saints are unaware of the deception. The occult practice of this attraction and mind science is tied heavily through the popular documentary—The Secret.

In this Era of hustle culture, entrepreneurship, and technological innovation, it’s easy to get swept away into the wrong ideology. Popular business books, sales seminars, and life coaches use these rituals and teach them to the masses.

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Manifesting goals through vision boards by professing Christians is quite popular. Vision board parties are widespread within Christian women’s groups and churches. Writing goals and planning for them is also exciting. But the question is, should Christians use vision boards to accomplish goals?

I want to be clear that I am all for putting goals in writing and having a plan to accomplish them. A faith-filled and hopeful outlook about life is essential to the Christian walk. Additionally, prioritizing the best use of the time and space God placed us in is superior, as the days are evil (Eph 5:16, James 4:14). Nonetheless, the problem comes about when our goals don’t align with God’s will and purposes. We must evaluate the methods and paths we partake in to bring about the vision.

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In this post, I break down Christian fasting according to the Bible. Fasting and prayer are powerful in breaking strongholds in the soul.  I wrote an entire series on how to pray and fast, but I want to be specific about what steps to take and provide examples from the Bible. I am not a medical professional, so I encourage you to consult your physician before you partake in a fast. Biblical fasting has extensive spiritual, soul, and physical ramifications.

If you have yet to explore the Prayer and Fasting series I’m speaking about; I encourage you to read those writings first before starting here. Click the links below, starting with Do You Know How to Pray.

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In this post, I share five tips to stay the course during a fast. Any fast can be challenging at times, even if you fast often. Every fasting experience I ever completed was unique from the others in some way. Eleven years ago, I fell short during a corporate Daniel fast. I didn’t’ struggle much during the first thirteen of that twenty-one-day fast. Yet, on the fourteenth day, I had a weak moment and ate chicken.

My fall happened because of canceled plans. Please let me explain!

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Do you need more information about prayer and fasting? Both prayer and fasting were touched on in the prior two posts. Do You Know How to Pray and Why You Should Fast to Refocus Spiritually are linked below. I encourage you to check them out before you read this. Let’s go a bit further into prayer and fasting. Spiritual disciplines are essential to your spiritual growth.

I stepped my prayer life up over the last decade, and even more within the pandemic. Years ago, I added the weapon of fasting to my arsenal and witnessed my spiritual life grow by leaps and bounds—seriously.

What about you, do you pray intentionally at least once daily? Also, do you ever incorporate fasting into your routine?
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Are you ready to fast to refocus spiritually now? Fasting and prayer are the super-powers for Christians. When you pair fasting with prayer, it packs a supernatural punch in the spirit realm. Fasting and prayer go together but need not be in vain. Vanity is present when you do not have a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

I explain why I recommend fasting for a spiritual reset and a closer walk with God in this teaching. Keep in mind that this is a part of the prayer and fasting series, so I will go deeper into how to fast on the next installment.

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Do you know how to pray? In my twenties, I noticed numerous books written about prayer. I’d often wonder why all these books are available about the subject. At that time, I understood prayer as merely just communicating with God. However, I later learned that I did need lessons to pray intentionally and consistently in the Spirit.

Sure, prayer is a conversation with God, but I also believe it’s your spiritual life support. Prayer is the spiritual equivalent to the oxygen you need to breathe.

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Please read this if you are a professing Christian that stands with the Democrat/Liberal party. Whether or not you support abortion laws, the party you stand with does. Please be alert, chose your faith over feelings, and prayerfully consider the things I’m going to unfold.

If you’re a black Christian voting for Democrats, can you explain the reasoning for your stance? I’m asking because I never was challenged with my position until several years back. My reasons for endorsing the platform were more about feelings and race as opposed to facts. I didn’t see how my political choices were also a massive part of where I was spiritually.

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During one of my recent fasts, I questioned why so many Christians are weak and powerless. Before you find offense, could you hear me out? We have power and spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus, yet we are not using any of it.

Instead, we chose to live stressed out, weak, powerless, peaceless, poor in spirit, and broken in the soul.

Imagine how Jesus must feel when He looks at us living this way. It’s so sad when I witness so many professing Christians trampled over by the enemy. We need equipping to fight in a spiritual battle. We operate in warfare defensively and not offensively. Read more

A life transformation and soul cure (healing) come about when your mind changes. Joyce Meyer said, the mind is the battlefield, but I cry the soul is the battlefield because its playground is grander than just the mind. Since the soul consists of the mind, will, and emotions—it must be renewed.

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