Serve with your Gift

Serve with your Gift

We are serving people with many needs, desires, and concerns. They want to know that someone understands them so that they can learn, heal, and mature in the knowledge of Christ. They want to get through hardships and navigate through challenges.

We want to hear from you today. If you answered yes to these questions and you’d like to contribute your skills to the Cure 4 the Soul audience, let’s get started. Please complete the application below to be considered.

Application for core opportunities

You are applying for an opportunity to contribute your gifts and talents to the vision God designed for Cure 4 the Soul. We take this call to minister to precious souls very seriously. We provide content based on God’s standards set forth in the Holy Bible. You are the hands and feet for Jesus Christ and we want to make sure we build the right team of contributors for God’s purpose and this vision. Please make sure you have reviewed About Us before starting.

Thank you for applying with us. All applications will be reviewed and vetted. Some opportunities are limited. This application does not guarantee a position with Cure 4 The Soul.