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Distraction is the enemy of productivity. Since distraction is the enemy of productivity, targeted prayer, discipline, focus, and persistence in your goals help you win. You cannot stay in your lane when you’re easily distracted. But God provides an avenue to escape the distractions tempting you into a lack of productivity.

If you’re constantly scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook when you haven’t completed your work, it means you’re easily distracted. Distraction can creep up in the form of a person, place, or thing.

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Proper alignment with God’s will is critical. Not only does improper alignment throw you and your plans out of whack, but it also affects others who depend on you. As we go deeper into the productivity and alignment series, we must look at what both are.

Productivity and alignment keep us in step with the things of God and lead to a joyful existence regardless of what season we’re in. Often we think we’re aligned on the right track because we are prospering in that area financially.

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Stay in your lane; what does it mean? If you’re a driver, I’m sure you’ve had to yell countless times, “stay in your lane,” to drivers drifting over the lines into your lane. I must ask you to stay in your lane because too many Christians get caught up in the attention-craving of likes and views. We are programmed to look at the numbers, which causes us to take our eyes off what God wants us to focus on individually. Statistics and numbers are smack dab in our faces on social platforms, YouTube, and email marketing accounts.

It’s easy to desire someone else’s purpose, gifts, and talents—but what does God require from you? If we can’t concentrate on what we are supposed to do, we won’t finish the race with excellence.

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The law of attraction and manifesting is prevalent among Christians. The law of attraction crept into modern churches and Christian media outlets decades ago, and many babes and seasoned saints are unaware of the deception. The occult practice of this attraction and mind science is tied heavily through the popular documentary—The Secret.

In this Era of hustle culture, entrepreneurship, and technological innovation, it’s easy to get swept away into the wrong ideology. Popular business books, sales seminars, and life coaches use these rituals and teach them to the masses.

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Manifesting goals through vision boards by professing Christians is quite popular. Vision board parties are widespread within Christian women’s groups and churches. Writing goals and planning for them is also exciting. But the question is, should Christians use vision boards to accomplish goals?

I want to be clear that I am all for putting goals in writing and having a plan to accomplish them. A faith-filled and hopeful outlook about life is essential to the Christian walk. Additionally, prioritizing the best use of the time and space God placed us in is superior, as the days are evil (Eph 5:16, James 4:14). Nonetheless, the problem comes about when our goals don’t align with God’s will and purposes. We must evaluate the methods and paths we partake in to bring about the vision.

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Christians and vision boards are risky, but most professing Christians are unaware of the hidden dangers. Many Christians and churches these days promote vision board parties and visualization practices. However,  some say, what is wrong with making a vision for your life and cutting out words and images to accompany your dream? Hopefully, I can share how most Christians misuse visualization.

I encourage you to stick with me to the end. The only way I can share the reality of this vision practice with you is to break down its roots for proper context so that you can walk away with adequate understanding.

I will be working on some discernment teachings in the months to come so, and please make sure you are signed up for emails and subscribed to the YouTube channel. Next week I will focus on goals and I will list a few ways in which vision boards are used legitimately.

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