What’s Coming Up


Cure 4 the Soul is all about growing and staying connected through the church body to maintain a healthy soul. We the people make up the church body so it’s important that each member is a good steward over their time.

What you do with your time is essential to your spiritual health. Just as you must consume a healthy diet to stay fit, you must consume your spiritual food to stay spiritually fit.

Therefore, in some instances due to distance, hectic schedules, and day-to-day commitments we want to provide you with some local and virtual ways to connect with the body through:

Our Events

  • Bible Studies (Virtual and Local group studies about various topics and books of the Bible)
  • Life Sessions (Round Table/Group Discussions about various day to day topics)
  • Spiritual Health (group/corporate prayer, fasting, growing in wisdom and in relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit)
  • Challenges (we will offer group challenges to encourage productivity in certain areas)