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Why is God So Silent

Do you wonder why you have moments when God seems silent in our life? When this happens, you can feel lost, confused, alone, and like you’ve been abandoned. This can be especially painful when you’ve been so used to His presence or when you’re faced with loss and challenges. Some years back, I remember being […]


7 Benefits of Living for the Lord

VIDEO – In this video I share 7 Benefits of Living for the Lord. Life on Jesus’ terms isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding to work in concert with the King of Kings. When you live for the Lord it frees your mind, helps you to think clear, provides peace and more. When you finally […]

Kanye West – My View Since He Got Saved

WATCH VIDEO – Kanye West is now saved and I share my commentary since his transformation and album release of Jesus is King. I wanted to follow up on the initial video that I created entitled Is Kanye West Saved and Called to Minister. However, the ministry wasn’t on a production schedule at the time […]