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If you missed last week’s devotional, we touched on three of the 5 Reasons You Are Not Using the Gifts and Talents God Gave You Pt. 1. Obeying God and living on purpose is something that must be prioritized in your life. God created you for a particular purpose and when you leave this earth and transition into eternity, you will give an account as to what you have done with your life.

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Living life on purpose is important. Therefore, are you using the gifts and talents God gave you? Steve Harvey said, “If you’re waking up thinking that it has to be more to your life than it is, believe that it is.”

My friend, don’t be misled into thinking a gift is only something creative. A gift is whatever God gave you.

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Do you ever have those days when you find yourself doing a lot of nothing while you’re supposed to be working?

You know, those days when you appear to be busy but things aren’t really getting done?

The multi-tasking you’re doing turns into looking at the latest Macy’s sale, researching your next vacation package on Groupon, scrolling through your social media timelines, reading promotional emails in your inbox, or visiting at your co-workers desk several times.

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