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VIDEO – This video will discuss 6 reasons why God is silent. Do you have those moments when you are not hearing from HIM? When this happens, you can feel lost, confused, alone, afraid, and like you’ve been abandoned.

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It’s time to make a bold move right now. Some years back, I studied the book of Esther inductively through Kay Arthurs Precepts International course. However, there was something Kay and another commentary author pointed out that I didn’t notice during my reading.

Do you know that God was never mentioned in the entire ten chapters of the book of Esther? (Bible Scholars—don’t answer 😊).

Nonetheless, I’ve read the book of Esther several times, but I didn’t become aware of many of the details until I had studied it back in 2012. I used a pen and highlighter to rightly divide the Word too.

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Stay faithful when it appears to not be working out your way. No matter what you’re going through, remember God is in control and there is nothing that can happen without it coming through Him first. Jesus lives, He’s still on the throne, and His blood never loses power.

His Word is solid and it’s the only constant that we can trust and depend on right here and now. Do you believe that? If not, please look back over your life and see how far God has bought you dear friend. You’re here because of His love, grace, and mercy is working on your behalf and working things out for good.

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When God is silent, do not fall for the temptation to give up because God is saying a lot. You just can’t hear it in words—it is discerned in the spirit. What God has to say to you is life-changing, but you must be willing to lend your ear to hear it.

We all experienced the silent treatment or have been ignored before by someone. Well, we don’t know this is the case until we discover that the silence is intentional. When it’s intended, there is a vital purpose behind it. When you realize a plan is involved, you reach the realization much is being communicated.

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Do you wonder why you have moments when God seems silent in our life? When this happens, you can feel lost, confused, alone, and like you’ve been abandoned. This can be especially painful when you’ve been so used to His presence or when you’re faced with loss and challenges.

Some years back, I remember being in a season in which I was close to God—I felt His presence a lot during that season too. Then suddenly, I felt like He’d gone into hiding. The more I prayed it felt like a mute button got pushed. Read more